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  • Hooray! We have a new menu! Hooray Hooray!


  • NEW collection F/W 2015-2016

    It's finally out there: 

    our new Maurice knitwear collection! 

    "The Parisian girl in New York. "

    Read the story here and scroll down for a preview. 




  • Campain for wool


  • A big announcement on a secret location




    This is how the invitation looks like.. and we not only have a book launch.. 

    we also have a tiny little BIG announcement on a secret location




    Find out what the big new is and where the launch is gonna be! 
    I'll give you some tips.. ;-)










  • Cover madness!

    How the first cover of my knitting book looked like? 

    And how the second cover looks like? 


    Here's what you see inside the new knitting book!




    It's been a journey but it's alllllmost there! 
    Get your copy, mid october in stores! 


  • New York Madness Chapter 3: Nightshooting


    Welcome dear fiend and amazing stylist Jody Van Geert! 

    Let the madness begin! 

    Wicked stylings, dress-up parties, princesses, nightshoots and candy store colors! 


    Wake up, ma belle. We have a long day ahead of us! 

    Jody always has a good vintage idea. 

    Ready for some nightshoots at Times Square! Let it BLING! 

    Put some color on. Nude is so 2013. 

    And finally.. we've got a GREAT shot! 




    The Maurice NY team. 


  • New York Madness: Chapter two




    5th avenue madness! 

    A shot of Maurice coffee to keep us awake after busy shooting days! 


    The Empire state building in happy colors! 


    Time Square is ALWAYS a good idea! 







    Snapshots: Selina De Maeyer Photography

    Make-up & styling: Jilke Juliens